Finished Automata Videos

Celebritea Ponderings – Sean Connery – Automaton

Celebrites are just like us, full of questions, fears and guts – lest we forget. Here Sean considers the dying leaf of his pot plant, over a cup of tea. I can only assume this scenario has played out in real life for Sean, so I felt the need to make it into an automaton.

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A Hundredweight of Heads – Automaton

Captain Mathew Flinders of the HMS Cannedfruit, discovered Kangaroo Island a few years back with some friends. They saw they were lots of tasty marsupials roaming free and uneaten. As a matter of principal, they commenced feasting on the savage beasts..

Thirteen Men with Moustaches

Whist watching the television a few years back, an episode of STOP! the police want you to stop, was on. Part of the episode required a lady witness of the speed crime, to view the photos of “13 men with moustaches”. Instantly I thought “what a lovely was to spend an hour or so”. And thus I created the automata to satisfy the need within me.